Call on Spain, Catalonia and the EU to negotiate the affirmation of a new and renewable energy based Catalonia

Bonn, 22 October 2017 – We call on Spain and the EU to immediately step back from confrontation and allow democracy to rule and respect the will of the Catalonian people. This is the true meaning and realisation of the European Union: the softening of national boundaries and the strengthening of regional cultural, ecological and economical realms. Let's also not let a good independence movement go to waste: and make sure the Catalonian and other European movements towards cultural affinity and regional self-determination are supported and endowed with a deeper existential meaning: the turn from nuclear and fossil energy. Herein lies the real promise and deep rationale of an independent Catalona, Scottland, Lombardia or Bavaria: the ability to not only shed the antiquated notion of national states and fixed if arbitrary boundaries, but also the reconstruction of a resilient, peaceful and united Europe - a renewable Union of Regions.

The clinging to a Europe of fixed EU States is as rigid, outdated and dangerous as the falling apart of the EU into disjointed nation states. instead, let a new and fluid, integrated Europe rise in which the nationalist identity recedes in favour of modern, fluid and networked affinities, flexible economies based on renewable energy and in recognition of the profound need to regenerate the eroding life base of Europe: its collapsing biodiversity, disappearing agricultural soils, polluted urban air and catastropic dependency on oil, coal, gas and uranium.

Here, as in our captivity in nationalistic vessels, old-style democracy is badly failing. In Spain as in Germany a majority is for a real and rapid renewable energy tranformation: the opposite is taking place. We call on the EU, Spain and Catalonia to lead the way to a new and enlightened, modern form of our European Union of softer nations and regional affinities. The other antiquated power blocks east or west also have to be brought into this evolution to peaceful and sustainable coexistence – until then, gradually but determinedly reduced military alliances will provide old-style security. Re-investing two trillion USD in military expenditures into a global renewable energy, soil, water and biodiversity regeneration project is the true defense challenge of the 21st century.

Prof. Peter Droege
President, EUROSOLAR