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European Solar Prize 2017 – Announcement of the award winners

Bonn/Vienna, 8 November 2017 – For a rapid and efficient energy transition in Europe, pioneers and innovators in the field of renewable energy are needed. With the yearly awarding of the European Solar Prize, EUROSOLAR, together with its national sections, makes these actors the focus of public awareness and gives fresh impetus to a decentralized energy turnaround based on 100% renewables. Towards the end of each year, the award winners are invited to a celebratory event in an European city. Having previously been held in Rome, Prague and Barcelona this year’s edition of the European Solar Prize will be awarded in Vienna. EUROSOLAR and EUROSOLAR Austria present this year’s winners on Saturday, 18 November 2017, at the venue of Technical University Vienna (TU the Sky).

Before the awarding of the Solar Prize a symposium on the topic ‚The Energy Transition in Europe‘ will be held. The speakers Prof. Karin Stieldorf, TU Vienna, Prof. Stefan Schleicher, University of Graz Astrid Schneider, Austrian Institute of Technology, Prof. Peter Droege and Stephan Grüger, MdL, from EUROSOLAR will present and discuss potentials and conclusions for a sustainable European energy system in the fields of solar architecture, urban planning, energy economy and energy politics.

The awarding of the European Solar Prize begins at 2:00 pm with welcoming words from Dr. Hans Otto Schmidt, chairman of EUROSOLAR Austria and Mag. Thomas Reindl, chairman of the municipal council of the City of Vienna. After a keynote by a representative of the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Prof. Peter Droege, president of EUROSOLAR, will guide through the highlight of the event with the celebration of this years’ award winners.

Afterwards, EUROSOLAR and EUROSOLAR Austria invite to a pleasant get-together with snacks, piano music and an impressive view over the city of Vienna. Both events are free of charge, a registration is requested.

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The European Solar Prize 2017 will be awarded to ten laureates:

Category: Towns, municipalities, council districts, public utilities
City of Kaposvár, Hungary
Outstanding commitment to become the first Hungarian city with a 100% renewable energy supply

Category: Solar architecture and urban planning
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), Greece
Strong symbol for ecological sustainability and the potential of renewable energy, integrated in a building of cultural life, setting new standards in architectural requirements

Category: Industrial and commercial companies or farmers
Green City Energy, Germany
Long-time and far-reaching contribution for the expansion of renewable energy in citizen’s hand

Category: Local or regional associations/organizations
Region of Thayaland, Austria
Exemplary regional implementation of renewable energy and sustainable mobility, financially driven by public participation

Category: Owners and operators of renewable energy installations
EKS – Utility company of the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Practical and efficient management of a soccer arena’s roof surface by using solar energy and raising public awareness for renewables

Category: Transport and Mobility
City of Oslo, Norway
Trendsetting sustainable mobility concept with special consideration of electric vehicles and role model for European cities

Category: Media and communication
Antonio Cerrillo, Spain
Long-time responsible journalism and reporting for a sustainable and eco-friendly development in Spain and Europe

Category: Education and vocational training
LEGO Group, Denmark
Outstanding and inspiring concept of introducing children into renewable energy and environmental protection

Category: One World Cooperation
EcoPeace Middle East, Jordan/Palestine/Israel
Innovative strategy for a sustainable development with the help of renewable energy in one of the most water stressed and conflict filled regions of the world

Category: Special prize for personal achievement
Arnold Schwarzenegger, United States of America/Austria
Long-term contribution for renewable energy and sustainability, using his prominence to raise public awareness on climate change

Members of the jury:

Prof. Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR (Liechtenstein)
Dr. Axel Berg, Chairman of EUROSOLAR Germany
Gallus Cadonau, Solar Agency Switzerland
Stephan Grüger, MdL, Vice president of EUROSOLAR (Germany)
Wolfgang Hein, Vice president of EUROSOLAR (Austria)
Rosa Hemmers, Treasurer of EUROSOLAR (Germany)
Andre Langwost, EUROSOLAR France
Morten V. Petersen, EUROSOLAR Denmark
Prof. Livio Sacchi, University of Pescara (Italy)
Prof. Jürgen Sachau, University of Luxembourg

Scientific advisors:
Prof. Eliana Cangelli, Vice president of EUROSOLAR (Italy)
Dr. Torsten Masseck, UPC-Barcelona (Spain)
Judith Ronai, EUROSOLAR Hungary
Milan Smrz, Vice president of EUROSOLAR (Czech Republic)
Prof. Tanay Sidki Uyar, Vice president of EUROSOLAR (Turkey)

Press contact:

Steffen Otzipka, EUROSOLAR e.V.
Project Management Solar Prizes
Tel.: +49 228 / 289 1449, Fax: +49 228 / 361 213
Mail: sp[at]

Notes for press editors:
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