European Solar Prize : FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How can I apply?

Applications for the different award categories can be submitted during the application phase on our website via the online form. Alternatively, you can also send applications and proposals by e-mail to sp [at] A description of the individual award categories can be found below.

What information must my application contain?

Applications must include the following information:

Full contact details with contact person
Project title
Summary (max. 1,500 characters including spaces)
Selection of the category
Supplementary materials for explanation (optimal: 5 – 10 pages illustrating your project, e.g. photos, illustrations, more precise technical details, etc)
The most important part of the application is the summary, which should give the jury a first impression of the goals and innovative content of the application. In the supplementary documents, further information is desirable, such as the mention of key figures (e.g. 40% of the consumption is generated regeneratively) or the technologies used. In the case of architectural objects, we also ask you to provide information on the area, energy requirements, regenerative energy generation, reduction of CO2 emissions and the object address.

What do I have to consider in my application?

All projects must have already been realized or be so far advanced that initial results are already available. Please note that no products, inventions or books will be awarded. Applications and proposals must be submitted before the end of the respective application phase.

Please pay attention to the quality of your submitted documents. Consider what information and, if applicable, supplemental materials may or may not be relevant to the evaluation process. Make clear reference to the evaluation criteria in your application and describe to the jury the extent to which your project/initiative meets them. It is also always an advantage if you visualize your application with pictures and graphics so that the jury can get a better idea.

For technical reasons, you can only upload a PDF file with a maximum size of 10 MB for your supplementary materials.

Why should I apply?

As a non-profit association EUROSOLAR is not able to pay prize money. Nevertheless, the award winners benefit from an award in many ways:

The solar awards are considered a national or international seal of quality
Guaranteed attention for the projects/initiatives through publicity in the media and the general public
Proper recognition of the award winners in the context of a festive award ceremony
Creation of new opportunities for networking as well as for developing new contacts

How can I submit proposals?

You are welcome to bring interesting and innovative projects or initiatives in the field of renewable energies to our attention. Proposals can be submitted informally by e-mail to sp [at] For the preparation of your information, we would be pleased if you could provide us with your sources, references and further links (e.g. to websites, press releases, etc.).

How are the award winners selected?

The individual award winners are selected by a qualified jury, which is newly convened and composed by EUROSOLAR every year. At the end of the application phase, the EUROSOLAR office reviews all applications and prepares the documents for the evaluation process. The prepared application documents are made available to the jury members electronically. A final decision on the award winners is then made at a joint jury meeting.