Post-Brexit Message by Prof. Droege: Regenerative Development is the only path forward

The narrow pro-Brexit vote was triggered by the rivalry of a pair of self obsessed Eton graduates, David Cameron and Boris Johnson, aided by a coterie of fear mongering pocket demagogues and a seeming ocean of under informed voters critical of what they understand to be 'globalisation policies'. 

The door to the revolt was opened by the British Government’s failure to seize the energy and efficiency revolution as an opportunity to reindustrialise its rust-belts, and to embrace the structural change from long gone coal and steel industries to a renewable age, with all the benefits in innovation, job creation and value this offers. Instead, the Tories foolishly perpetuated their determination in pushing strategic mistakes like fracking and new nuclear power.

This was matched by the EU’s reluctance to boldly embrace a decentralised infrastructure strategy of regional development, based on renewable energy. It resonates with justified accusations that Brussels is remote, detached and can seem high minded in implementing its centralising policies without much access by a democratic process. 

The Brexit Blunder is an opportunity to react to this warning shot by engaging with Britain in properity inducing renewable energy based forms of industrialisation, in much improved communication of what policies the EU in fact pursues best: social cohesion, nurturing of peace and stability, regional development, community development, environmental health, support for small and medium sized enterprises, research support.

Europe now must move forcefully to ditch its antiquated nuclear and fossil fuel industries, end perceived captivity to oligarchic interests and embrace an integrated open continent founded on regenerative infrastructures and climate stabilising production and consumption, trade, agriculture and land use regimes capable of building regional wealth and stability.

Professor Peter Droege
President, EUROSOLAR and General Chairman, WCRE