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European Solar Prize 2020: The first changemakers of the new decade

The energy transition won’t be achieved top-down but bottom-up: by local actors who are the real heroes and changemakers of the energy transition. This year, EUROSOLAR will award the first renewable energy pioneers of the new decade.

EUROSOLAR invites cities, municipalities, architects, municipal and private companies, associations, organisations and cooperatives, journalists and of course citizens from all over Europe to take part. Applications and proposals for the European Solar Prize can now be submitted online, by mail or carrier pigeon (if available and well kept).

The Europrean Solar Prize is awarded in some or all of the following categories each year:

  • Towns/municipalities, council districts, public utilities
  • Solar architecture and urban planning
  • Industrial and commercial companies or farmers
  • Local or regional associations/organizations
  • Owners or operators of renewable energy installations
  • Transport and mobility
  • Media
  • Education and vocational training
  • One world cooperation
  • Special achievement prize for individual commitment

Applications can be submitted online until 31 July.

About the European Solar Prize
EUROSOLAR established the European Solar Prize in 1994. In cooperation with its national sections, the awards ceremony takes place in a different European city each year. The prestigious European Solar Prize Awards is an opportunity for local actors from all over Europe to share their renewable energy projects with a wide audience of renewable energy peers, press and renowned experts from industry, politics and science.

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